The 3rd Annual West Virginia Conference
on Traumatic Brain Injury

From Surviving to Thriving: Growth After a TBI
March 6-8, 2019
Call for Proposals

Return-to-Learn Project

Following a concussion or TBI, a child can experience significant difficulties in returning to the learning environment.

"The effects of concussion on a student's return-to-school experience are unique to each student. In most cases, a concussion will not significantly limit a student’s participation in school; however, in some cases, a concussion can affect multiple aspects of a student’s ability to participate, learn, and perform well in school. In turn, the experience of learning and engaging in academic activities that require concentration can actually cause a student’s concussion symptoms to reappear or worsen. Given this inter-relationship, and the way concussion effects can vary across students, academic adjustments need to be tailored to each student's specific circumstances." (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)

TBI Services Return-to-Learn project aims to educate, assist, and provide tools to educators, school/university faculty, families, medical professionals, and students in order to inform educators regarding best practices to accommodate a return to the learning environment following a concussion.

The WVU CED has established a work group consisting of agency staff, physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech-language pathologists, school counselors, and educators to develop a return-to-learn plan that best fits the needs of the state of West Virginia.

The WVU CED Return-to-Learn project is currently developing best practice recommendations to be established in Spring of 2017.

For more information, please call 877-724-8244 or email