The 3rd Annual West Virginia Conference
on Traumatic Brain Injury

From Surviving to Thriving: Growth After a TBI
March 6-8, 2019
Call for Proposals


Traumatic Brain Injury Services are available through a state funded program and provides resource coordination to individuals of all ages with TBI, family members, caregivers and service providers. The statewide program consists of a TBI Coordinator and six regional TBI Resource Coordinators who use a person-centered approach to help individuals reach their personal goals.

Services Offered

  • Resource Coordination
    • The linkage and referral of an individual to services they may need
  • Person-Centered Planning
    • A process to assist people with reaching their goals by putting the individual in charge of defining the direction for their lives.
  • Positive Behavior Support Assistance
  • Funds for YOU Application Assistance
    • An unmet needs fund available to residents of West Virginia with a diagnosed traumatic brain injury
    • Funds for You
  • Training and Education: for Individuals, Family Members, & Caregivers
    • Trainings are customized to the audience's level of knowledge and topic of interest.
  • Technical Assistance
    • Providing of knowledge and informational support to individuals, family members, and service providers about traumatic brain injury.
  • Assist the WV TB/SCI Rehabilitation Fund Board in educating legislature/policy makers
    • West Virginia's Governor mandated traumatic brain injury board.
    • About the Board